Trying to mitigate attacks is something of the past.
We've re-defined network security across our range.

Endless days and long nights of mitigating attacks solved. With an all-in-one solution.

Reliable. Secure. Stable.

Let Enoctus deal with the management and costs of complex network equipment for malicious traffic mitigation. Each compute unit and hosting service offered by Enoctus is shielded by a sophisticated layer of firewalls, routing rules and equipment designed to successfully mitigate even the least friendly traffic flow.

Providing banking level defence systems at a fraction of the cost. Available for both individuals and large organisations.

No more downtime.

Enoctus instantly mitigates malicious traffic ensuring that only clean traffic reaches our customers' websites. Endless days in the office monitoring networks are now in the past. Included for free with all services sold on our website.

Providing you peace of mind.

Our advanced DDoS protection systems promise that no service distruptions can occur even during large scale attacks. This means that your business will not suffer from losses due to attacks distrupting your service. With no effects on bandwidth usage and latecy.

Uptime Guaranteed

Every part of our network has been carefully engineered to guarantee 100% uptime on our network. ¹


The infrastructure of our network and its layers ensures protection against all kinds of external threats.

Tech Support

If your awake, so are we. Our team work right around the clock resolving cases within 1hr on average. ²


Our network is power driven by the industries latest technology providing a reliable service to our clients.

Solid-State Drives

Solid state drives are just another great addition to our network helping to eliminate data loss.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Tier-1 Bandwidth has ensured we have create a network which isn't only reliable, but also FULL of speed.

DDoS Protection

Another thing we do to protect your website, our firewall helps prevent denial of service attacks.

Instant Setup

When you buy something, you want it straight away. With myEnoctus, all products are activated instantly. ³